It is always interesting when someone shows you how to do something better.  Carolyn explained to us how to write sections of our web site in a way that appeals to a broader number of people and re-wrote those sections to help us.  It was fascinating to see what a difference the changes made even though some of them are quite subtle.

We enjoyed working with Carolyn and enjoyed the learning process.  We had no clue that we could improve our wording in this way.  It just goes to show that it pays to have an expert support you wherever possible.  Thank you Carolyn

 Martin Tamlyn  Managing Director

Open House

Shoot The Bull recently completed some work for Open House Estate Agents. We asked that you look at the way that we write our property listings so that we could potentially improve the quality of them.

Your service was as always, prompt, professional and great value. However the value of your insight to our business is huge. We now have a new pro-forma that allows us to collect all the data we need to compile a comprehensive property listing. Not only this, but we have a format that allows us to write advertising content that appeals across the entire marketplace.

 We have a wide customer group but now we can make sure that we add key phrases and details that will appeal to first time buyers, downsizers, people moving up the property ladder, investors and all the specific clients highlighted by the Whole Brain Principle that you demonstrated.

 For anyone looking to improve the quality of their website and wanting to appeal to more customers, this service is a must. We would and will recommend Shoot the Bull whole heartedly and with great confidence.

 Thanks again Carolyn.

The Open House Team

GFS Blinds

Thank you Carolyn for applying your talents to our website content. Only after seeing the difference between the original copy and the new text you have written can I see now much more professionally it reads.

Your marketing diagnostics gave us new insights into our client and product profiles and especially into our buyer priorities.  This has enabled us to engage with our target market more successfully and at the same time enhance the already high quality of our customer service.

I am very pleased with the results.  The work you have done has given us an edge over our competitors.   I am very happy to recommend Shoot the Bull to any company who wants to make its website more effective as a tool to attract new customers.

Greg Sunderland GFS Blinds Ltd.

Chester Voluntary Action

I had the great pleasure of working closely with Carolyn when she kindly offered to volunteer her professional copywriting skills through our Skillshare pro-bono initiative, to help us put together a commemorative brochure to celebrate our Centenary.

Carolyn worked tirelessly with our team of volunteer researchers and staff to ensure that a high quality finished product was produced. She was able to make factual, historical data accessible for our diverse range of readers whilst retaining the historical integrity of the research.

 Moreover, Carolyn brought facts and social history to life and enhanced the finished product considerably by undertaking her own research of the period to find relevant human interest stories, details of local events, and period photographs. Furthermore, her carefully crafted text, and attention to detail ensured the fluency and grammatical accuracy of the document.

 She is a consummate professional who was in continuous contact with me throughout the project to ensure that the desired result was achieved and delivered on all the tight deadlines which we set her.

 We are enormously proud of our commemorative brochure and know that without her skills, enthusiasm, and dedication we would not have been able to produce such an impressive and highly readable and enjoyable brochure.

 Carol Berry (Chief Officer)

 SkillShare Chester

 When Carolyn and I met I learnt about her professional writing skills.  During this meeting, Carolyn expressed an interest in sharing her skills with local charities and voluntary groups.

 To celebrate their centenary, CVA were keen to produce a brochure that followed their development through the last century in relation to local and national events. 

 Just three months before the centenary, it became apparent that CVA lacked the skills to convert historical records into a more accessible, readable format.  I therefore approached Carolyn and asked for her help. 

 Despite only having three months to put the brochure together, Carolyn immediately replied and agreed to help CVA on a voluntary basis.  From that moment on, Carolyn worked closely with CVA in order to create a high quality brochure. 

 The centenary was an important milestone for CVA and a reason to celebrate.  With Carolyn’s hard work and support, she enabled us to bring our story to life and celebrate our history in the form of a fascinating and very easy to read brochure.

 Joanne Walton


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