Marketing Diagnostics: Beyond SEO

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Your Voice

Your Story


We help our customers connect with their customers through COPY which changes monologue to dialogue; through WORDS which perform as well as inform....


Your web site needs to work hard for its living. After all it's an investment designed to increase business and raise that bottom line.

To achieve that you need to drive traffic to your site. And there are tried and tested ways to lead the ranking race. Flashy graphics, power words, animations, gizmos, and of course those knacky SEO keywords. The problem is that these are open secrets.

So once a great web designer makes sure you're in the leading pack how are you going to persuade prospective clients to choose you and not the rest? How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

ShootheBull gives you that competitive edge, a smarter, sharper website that results in direct leads.

Because once the robots have slotted you in place ShootheBull focuses on making sure that the real human beings who check you out decide to move on from a cursory glance to an actual enquiry.

See our Marketing Diagnostics page.

Copywriting: From Bland to Brand

Let's face it. Some sectors are not sexy. They may make a lot of money but they're just not sexy. I don't like to single out certain sectors but I'm going to be brave and raise my head above the parapet. So here goes...

For example: legal, financial, IT support, insurance, plumbing supplies, waste disposal.

Granted, they're worthy and they're useful but they lack the excitement of media, PR, fashion or music. After all it's much easier for creative agencies to create a web site pulsating with excitement and energy. And I do know what I'm talking about here. In my time I've had to produce a fascinating article on bin bags for 'Bulk Haulage'.

So back to the bland sectors. Lovely people I'm sure, but saddled with a boring reputation.

So how does ShootheBull go about the challenge of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary?

Our starting point is that every company thumbprint is unique. Every company has a:


  • personality
  • voice
  • story

So first we pinpoint the personality, then we find the voice and finally we tell the story.

It’s that simple. So give us a call.

We may not be able to make you sexy but we can certainly make you a lot more interesting.

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What we offer

  • Lead Generation
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Lower Bounce Rates
  • Increased Client Base
  • Improved Return
    on Investment
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Revenues

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